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 The NPCs

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PostSubject: The NPCs    Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:29 pm

So, as you all now should know (and if you don't please, go check the announcement!) the trainers are no longer  NPCs but playing characters. On the island, though, there are still some NPCs that don't appear any longer in the member list as register users but we think it's a good and fair idea list them here.

If you are wondering how to use them, it's easy: they are "background characters": you can use them in your actions without asking anybody's permissions whenever you need them, IF you are in the right locations and if you need them. Remember though that the NPC is not your character so use it to make your character do something, don't just move the NPC around and especially don't make the NPC interact with other characters.

Name: Merlin Mayers
Role: Librarian
Power: super leap
Description: He is quite an eccentric old man and almost never leaves the library, however he does have a vast culture and knows much about almost all powers. He loves reading and remembers by heart where every book is.

Name: Primrose Taylor
Role: animal keeper
Power: talking to animals
Description: She's Milori's wife, she decided to take the job as animal keeper in the zoo of the center mainly to follow her husband. She's a kind woman, motherly and gentle, always smiling and always calm. She and Milori can't have kids.

Name: Baymax
Role: nurse
Power: he is a robot
Description: Baymax has been built by professor Callaghan and works better than a whole hospital would. He will take care of everyone who needs his assistance at every hour of day or night. There are 9 Baymax robots on the island.

Name: EVE
Role: handymen, cleaning ladies, shop assistances and so on.
Power: robots
Description: the EVE robots have been built by professor Callaghan as well and they are a bit everywhere on the island. They take care of everything: cleaning, handling the shops, taking care of the facilities, tiding up the gyms… their intelligence is limited, and so are the interactions that your characters can have with them, but they are great machines that help keeping the island a livable place.
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The NPCs
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