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 The cold does bother me... | ANNIKA

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Harry Miles


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PostSubject: The cold does bother me... | ANNIKA   Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:54 pm

Harry walked into the supermarket; since there was a kitchen on his floor -actually on all the floors-, it wasn't a bad idea if time to time he decided to cook himself something for dinner, maybe something more elaborated than the ready meals he was used to. Not having much money, those were the only things he could afford. However he had always liked to cook, of course he wasn't a masterchef -the most elaborate thing he had cook was a lasagna- but he was quite good at it, so why not take advantage of the situation and use his new kitchen?!

He reached the frozen food area, shivering at the cold. He was wearing a simple tank top and he wasn't quite fond of cold in general, not even the one of the supermarket! Passing a hand through his hair, Harry moved his look on the different things in the freezer, trying to chose what to cook for that dinner.
"This is tough..." he chuckled to himself "Fish or meat?"
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Annika Robberts


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PostSubject: Re: The cold does bother me... | ANNIKA   Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:16 pm

This was Annika's first day. She was still waiting to hear what room she was assigned to. This new school was really huge and very different since she was not used to see this many people at one place. Actually she didn't even had any friends so this was a bit overwhelming for her but she was happy to be here. It would come in handy to walk around the campus a little so she wouldn't be completely lost. There was a supermarket atleast. Maybe something to drink would be nice. She got herself a bottle of water as she walked back passing the frozen food area.

It was a bit cold but it didn't bother her being the ice bender she was. She heard a boy mumble to himself as she smiled a little. maybe it was good to blend in with the people at the campus a little. "depends on what you want to make" she said to him smiling a little
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The cold does bother me... | ANNIKA
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