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 Impress me, not bore me~ (All of TMRL)

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Carl Fredriksen


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PostSubject: Impress me, not bore me~ (All of TMRL)   Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:56 am

Carl gazed around the room, taking in the sight of his small class of students with a bored gaze. "Well at least I don't have to deal with much here," he grumbled under his breath, this not really lightening up his mood. But it didn't mean he was going to take it easy on his students. They looked so young! Which meant trouble for him, well mostly his patience. As he then glanced down at the list of students in his class, Carl just disregarded this as he looked back over the class. He wasn't in the mood to memorize their powers and names from a list. He wanted to hear and see the real thing. "Well, not many people in here, are there? At least I can focus on helping you all without worrying that I might have missed a person." the old man commented out to the students with a slight frown, not bothered much by this fact. "To get this show on the road, I'll get my introduction out of the way. Carl Fredriksen, and I'm in charge of the TMRL, transportation, movement and reloc-" The old man paused for a moment before waving his hand in dismissal, shaking his head in annoyance. "You get the picture already, a long name shouldn't have to tell you what this division is about. Now let's get some introductions and demonstrations out of you, youngsters." Cale remarked as he leaned back against his chair, relaxing in it for the show that was going to start pretty soon. "So one by one, I want you all to come up here, give me a name, and demonstrate your power for me. Impress me. Don't bore me. Nor do I want any show offs." He gave the class a 'try me' smile to the class, before adding. "Now get to it."
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Zack Fair


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PostSubject: Re: Impress me, not bore me~ (All of TMRL)   Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:23 am

Zack wasn't the shy type. When no one else stepped up, he got to his feet and walked to the front of the room where their mentor wanted them. He turned to the teacher and gave a firm nod, something that he hadn't quite broken from the military but thank goodness he managed to hold off on a salute. Then he turned to everyone else. "My name is Zack Fair." he said. He finally opened his wings wide, since they had been pressed tightly to his back since he had walked in. They were twice the span of his own body. He was very glad he had preened them before coming to class. Feathers out of place would just look bad. "My power is obviously flight."

He lifted himself up and flew to the back part of the class. He was proud of himself when he landed behind everyone else because the room had been small. Wasn't too flashy and he pulled his wings in as not to hit anyone.
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Impress me, not bore me~ (All of TMRL)
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