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 Yup, another classmate {Tag: Nolan}

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Karissa Breeze


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PostSubject: Yup, another classmate {Tag: Nolan}   Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:31 am

It was daytime, and she needed a place to stroll and walk around. It was a nice sunny day, and even though she was in the deepest part of the woods right now, her strolling around was better than just sitting all day at some random place in the cafeteria. She heard some birds chirping and she was smiling as one got on her shoulder. "Hello, little one", she cooed into the bird's ear. The bird rubs her and decides to stay on her shoulder as she was walking around. She then got her headphones on and hummed to herself.
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Yup, another classmate {Tag: Nolan}
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