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 Fuzzy (Tag: Anyone)

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Xion Fair


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PostSubject: Fuzzy (Tag: Anyone)    Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:22 pm

Xion frowned as she turned over. When she opened her eyes, at first, all she could see was white walls and there was a sterile smell to the room. She blinked again as things came into better focus. The infirmary? What was she doing here? She slowly sat up. She had been in the library... She had remembered packing her things up and turning around a bookshelf. Her things fell but then everything blurred. She couldn't remember and that scared her. There was nothing she didn't remember. She put a hand to her head. Why did it feel like she had a piece of cotton stuck in it? "What happened to me?" she croaked, from a dry raspy throat.
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Fuzzy (Tag: Anyone)
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